Lesson 4 – Bringing Guests Onto Your Podcast

One of the best ways of adding extra elements and interest to your podcast is by inviting guests to give you an interview. These are really easy to record via Skype or some of the other voice over IP recording aps that are available now.

Interviewing guests can bring many benefits to your podcast.

Firstly it gives you a reason to approach other people in your industry and start a conversation with them which is great for networking and building new contacts

Secondly it positions you as an authority in your industry or market. You have your own media channel, you’re leading the field and you’ll see an increase in trust and respect for you and your business because you are researching and featuring things that are going on in your market on your podcast through guest intreviews.

And thirdly when a guest’s interview is published and live the first thing they’ll want to do is share it with their community on their own social media channels. Tapping into your guests community like this is one of the best ways to grow your listenership and social media followings, which in turn will drive more traffic back to your own website too.

Watch the 4th video below in this email course to find out how to approach getting your first guest on your podcast.

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