Lesson 3 – Lets Get Started Experimenting With Podcasting

over the many years that I’ve been podcasting one of the main questions I’m always asked is “OK, I’ve got an idea for a show, but what about the tech stuff, how do I turn my ideas into an actual podcast”

There’s many good quality microphones available for under £70. The one we use is the Samson C01U Pro USB microphone, simply because it plugs straight into your computer via USB and has a headphone socket on the mic so you can monitor yourself and the computer audio really easily. It’s a super simple, hight quality one cable set and forget solution for podcasters.

Couple a decent microphone with a simple audio editor (more on editing coming up in lesson 5 of this email course by the way) and a good media host so you can stream your files from the web and you’ve got the basic foundations for your podcast.

Before you invest in any podcasting equipment though, technology has got to the point now where you’re carrying a recording studio around in your pocket. With mobile devices now having incredibly powerful processors you can actually get started experimenting with podcasting with just the smart phone you have in your pocket.

So in this video I’ll need you to go grab your smartphone and your earbuds because I’m going to show you how you can create your own mini podcast in under 5 minutes



  • Top 20 Tools For Podcasters
    Top 20 Tools For Podcasters

    As a bonus for progressing half way through this free course, I've got an exclusive cheat sheet for you containing 20 of the best podcasting tools to get your started.

Tomorrow we’ll be bringing you part 4 of the course, it’s an exciting one so you won’t want to miss it. Look out for it in your inbox.

All the best until tomorrow!