Yann Ilunga 360 Entrepreneur Podcast Power Marketing Interview

PPM016: How To Grow Your Audience And Market Your Podcast With Yann Ilunga (Part 2)

On today’s episode of the podcast power marketing podcast, we’re bringing you the second part of our interview with Yann ilunga, founder of 360Entrepreneur.Net, a blog and training community for wantrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and small business owners. Yann’s also the host of the 360 Entrepreneur Podcast, a  show that features inspiring conversations with top thought-leaders and experts from…

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Audio Player By Clammr Wordpress Plugin

Audio Player By Clammr WordPress Plugin Helps Your Podcast Get Shared

If you’re looking to grow the audience for your podcast, it’s important to give your show the best chance of being shared on social media. Social audio network Clammr have just released a brand new plugin for WordPress called ‘Audio Player By Clammr’ that’s designed to do just that. Once you’ve installed the plugin you…

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How To Promote Your Podcast With Yann Ilunga From 360Entrepreneur.Net

PPM015: How To Grow Your Audience And Market Your Podcast With Yann Ilunga (Part 1)

OK so we’ve got a great show coming up for you today, we’ve got an incredible guest interview featuring Yann Ilunga from 360Entrepreneur.Net. If you haven’t had the pleasure to encounter Yann online yet, I can tell you that you’re in for a real treat today. Yann is a super smart marketer, and one of…

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How To Get Podcast Reviews From iTunes With Podrover

PPM014: Behind The Scenes With Podrover: How An App Developer Fell In Love With Podcasting

Today on the podcast power marketing podcast, we’re talking with Cesare Rocchi, owner of web development company Studio Magnolia, and the person behind Podrover, the online app that helps you get podcast reviews from iTunes and Stitcher Radio. Cesare is based in Italy, and he’s a speaker, writer, user experience designer and developer specialising in…

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