Lesson 6 – Publishing, Distributing And Sharing Your Podcast

Creating a podcast opens up so many more online channels that will help you get your content discovered.

Most content marketers start with a blog, and that’s great but a blog can only reach so many people, and for the readers they have to be in the right frame of mind to consume your content. Podcasts however bring a very high (88% or more) engagement rate.

Podcasts are typically listened to whilst people ar e doing other things. Jogging, commuting, in the car on a long journey or whilst they’re working. With podcasts listeners are tuning in whilst they’re multi tasking, something they can’t do with a blog or a video.

That is what makes podcasts the most sticky form of content. If you think about it, you are inside someone’s head talking directly through their earbuds to them. This is a really close conversation you’re having with them. That is what builds so much trust over time with a podcast between the listener and the podcast host. Podcasting is a very powerful medium.


So where do people discover podcasts? Well the number one place that people find podcasts is on the Apple iTunes store, or the Apple podcast app that appears on every IOS phone, tablet TV and in car entertainment system that Apple offer.

Most Android users use the Stitcher radio app to find podcasts, and Google are in the process of launching their own Google Play alternative to iTunes too.

Edison research recently revealed in their Infinite Dial 2016 report that over 57 million people are listening to podcasts every month, and creating your own podcast gives you access to the platforms where this enormous number of people are hanging out already.

If you don’t have a podcast you’re shut out of uploading your content to iTunes, Stitcher Radio and Google Play, which is why it’s so important that every content marketer adds podcasting to their content strategy.

Social media is a great way to share your podcast too, and whilst social media has up to this point been about sharing text, pictures and video, there is now a new tool called Clammr that’s been created which lets you easily share snippets of your podcast audio on Twitter and Facebook, to help you integrate the power of your podcast with the viral sharing that happens on social media.

Listen to our interview with Parviz Parvizi, the founder of Clammr to find out how you can share your podcast on social media using the Clammr app.

Tomorrow’s video will be all about taking the next step to creating your own professional podcast, so be sure to watch out for it in your inbox, you won’t want to miss it!

All the best until tomorrow!