Lesson 5 – Editing And Producing Your Podcast, It’s All About Quality

Once you’ve recorded the audio for a podcast it’s time to edit the audio and package it up read to publish it on the web.

Audio editing is a bit like editing a text document, only you work with audio waveforms instead of text in something like Microsoft Word, or WordPress if you’re blogging. You’ll need a piece of audio editing software to cut up your audio into sections and arrange it into a finished episode, and the most popular audio editor available for podcasting is Audacity, which also happens to be totally free.

Editing your podcast is probably the part of the podcasting process that will take the most time, but once you start practicing and getting into the habit of editing your podcasts, you’ll get faster at audio editing.

If you do find that you don’t enjoy the editing process and would much rather focus on the creative side of recording your episodes, you can always outsource the editing to a third party podcasting editor (we’ve got a few we can recommend so let us know if you do want to outsource editing)

Whether you decide to edit your own podcast or outsource it, watch the 5th video in this course to find out one thing that will help your podcast stand out from the crowd.

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All the best until tomorrow!