How to get people to listen to your podcast

PPM024: Strategies For Getting Your Podcast Listeners To Take Action

Welcome to episode 24 of the podcast power marketing podcast, bringing you top tips and insights into the tools and strategies that can help you launch or improve your podcast. If your thinking of starting your own podcast and you’ve tried piecing together information on the internet on how to do it, or you’ve got…

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Katy Napoleon-Hill The Success Journeys Podcast

PPM023: The Success Journeys Podcast: How Katy Napoleon-Hill Is On A Mission To Inspire The World

On today’s show I’m really excited to be talking to inspirational screenwriter, author and podcaster Katy Napoleon Hill. Katy is based in London, UK and writes transformational stories of freedom, responsibility and personal potential. Katy’s recent books Hey Little Missy and The Missing Halo have been published and distributed by Amazon, and she’s written 7 screenplays…

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Satchel Podcasting App

PPM022: How The Satchel Player App Is Helping Podcast Discovery And Monetization

Coming up on today’s show we’ll be featuring a great new app called Satchel that’s taking the podcasting industry by storm, and we’ll be talking to it’s founder Beau York to find out more about how the app can help both podcasters get their podcast discovered, and how listeners can find great podcasts through the…

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Podable Podcast Sharing Convert Podcast To Text

PPM021: Search, Snip And Share: How Podable Is Turning Podcasts Into Indexable Text

Here at Podcast Power Marketing we’re always on the lookout for new tools that make podcasters lives easier, and this week I had an email drop into my inbox about a beta program for a new online service called Podable, that aims to make podcasts more shareable. So I thought I thought I’d find out…

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Podster magazine for podcasters

PPM020: Building A Global Niche Audience With Digital Magazine Publisher Margaret Brown

Today on the podcast power marketing podcast, we’re talking with Margaret Brown, founder and publisher of Shelf Media, which publishes a number of digital only magazines, and the Shelf Media podcast. Margaret oversees global niche audience digital magazines such as Shelf Unbound which features the best of small press and independent books, Middle Shelf which…

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PPM019: How To Succeed At Online Video (And Life!) With Mimika Cooney

Today on the podcast power marketing podcast we’re talking to Marketing Consultant, Broadcaster & Photographer Mimika Cooney, Mimika is known as the go-to video marketing expert, and is a leading authority in the online video marketing space. She is a TV Host, Interviewer, published Author, Videographer, Award Winning Photographer (in 2 countries), Public Speaker and…

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Driving Traffic And Leads To Your Website With Lindsey Anderson

PPM018: How To Drive More Traffic & Leads With Lindsey Anderson From The Traffic & Leads Podcast

Today on the Podcast Power Marketing podcast, we’re talking with Lindsey Anderson, founder and CEO of Traffic And Leads Dot Com, and the host of the Traffic and Leads podcast. Lindsey is better know on the web with her catchy nick name, One-Click Lindsey which totally befits her, as Lindsey is an experienced web strategy…

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Olly Richards - I Will Teach You A Language Podcast

PPM017: Podcasting And The Art Of Communication With Olly Richards

Today on the podcast power marketing podcast, we’re talking with Olly Richards, founder of, and host of the I Will Teach You A Language podcast. Olly has been a linguist for over 16 years, speaks 8 languages himself and has taught countless students over the years the quickest way to master another language. One of…

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Yann Ilunga 360 Entrepreneur Podcast Power Marketing Interview

PPM016: How To Grow Your Audience And Market Your Podcast With Yann Ilunga (Part 2)

On today’s episode of the podcast power marketing podcast, we’re bringing you the second part of our interview with Yann ilunga, founder of 360Entrepreneur.Net, a blog and training community for wantrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and small business owners. Yann’s also the host of the 360 Entrepreneur Podcast, a  show that features inspiring conversations with top thought-leaders and experts from…

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How To Promote Your Podcast With Yann Ilunga From 360Entrepreneur.Net

PPM015: How To Grow Your Audience And Market Your Podcast With Yann Ilunga (Part 1)

OK so we’ve got a great show coming up for you today, we’ve got an incredible guest interview featuring Yann Ilunga from 360Entrepreneur.Net. If you haven’t had the pleasure to encounter Yann online yet, I can tell you that you’re in for a real treat today. Yann is a super smart marketer, and one of…

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